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At Citrine our team specializes in modern color techniques, that we customize for each clients hair type and lifestyle.

We require all new guests to Citrine to fill out our online consultation form under the "BOOK AN APPOINTMENT" tab!

This will help us get to know your hair and what services you are looking to receive!

Not sure what to book for? We can help! Just let us know your goals and we can recommend what service would be best suited for you!


Whether your desire is to be bright and blonde, to have a subtle sun kissed glow or a transformative color change, our team at Citrine can help you achieve gorgeous hair that you will leave obsessed with!

Here are few great tips to help you get the most out of your next appointment;

Consultation || This is a very important step when finding the right stylist/service for you.

At Citrine we do 2 consults! One via our online form, and the second at the beginning of each appointment with us! During the consultation your stylist will take the time to discuss your current hair care routine, regular hair maintenance, your hair goals and concerns. 

Inspiration || Bring some Inspo! Pictures of what you like and don't like help us so much, so we can visually see what looks/color you gravitate towards. It is great to be on the same page from the start. Our stylists will discuss the best tones for your hair based on your skin tone as well as maintenance. 

Appointment || Don't be nervous! This will be so fun! You will get to experience our stylists creativity as they paint various beautiful tones to accent your hair, and bring life and shine to any hair color and length. You are going to be amazed, and wonder why you waited so long so become a Citrine Babe! We promise!

At Citrine we have 3 levels of stylists experience and pricing. 

We believe no two manes are the same, so price will vary based on starting point, length, density and desired result.




Our most requested service and signature look. Blonde strategically placed that will give you that all over blonding you've been dreaming of. Created with your stylist technique of choice and inspiration picture in mind. Think of this as a full blonding great to even out your canvas, go lighter, create pops of dimension. Also great for those who put their hair up and want brightness underneath. We suggest this service every 3-6 months.

Includes blonding + one custom glaze.


Master Stylist: 285+

Senior Stylist: 265+

Stylist: 245+

Haircut/Blowdry is not included in price listed above.


Perfect for that in between session, to brighten and refresh your look. Includes the sides and top of your head. Great for those looking to keep depth underneath.

Includes blonding + one custom glaze. 

Master Stylist: 225+

Senior Stylist: 205+

Stylist: 205+

Haircut/Blowdry is not included in price listed above.


Maybe you are too blonde? Or Wanting to take your root darker and add lowlights to create a darker end result, this is for you!

Master Stylist: 295+

Senior Stylist: 285+

Stylist: 260+

Haircut/Blowdry is not included in price listed above.


Minimal foils around the face to create brightness and pop!

Add this onto your root color service for the perfect added dimension!

 Includes blonding + one custom glaze..

Master Stylist: 195+

Senior Stylist: 175+

Stylist: 165+

Haircut/Blowdry is not included in price listed above.


Two colors strategically placed to create one seamless melt, perfect for those wanting to go darker, or tone down their current citrine blonding.


Master Stylist: 285+

Senior Stylist: 265+

Stylist: 245+

Haircut/Blowdry is not included in price listed above.


Refresh and Revive your already Citrine blonding with this service. A customized glaze and haircut to treat your hair till your next session. A glaze comes in various shades and used to refresh tone, cancel out any unwanted tones, add shine and condition. (for returning clients only) 

*does not lighten your hair  - if you are looking to go darker or haven't seen your citrine stylist in 12+ weeks book our Roots to ends service!

- haircut/blowdry is included 

Suggested every 4-6 weeks.


Master Stylist: 145+

Senior Stylist: 135+

Stylist: 125+


BLONDING add ons


An add on option to our Signature Citrine Services. If you are looking to make your ends brighter and pop more choose this to add on!

Master Stylist: 85

Senior Stylist: 75

Stylist: 65


Bond builder is recommended for those making large changes or recieve blonding often.

Integrity of hair comes first, so your stylist may recommend this to you!

We carry Brazilian Bond Builder, Paul Mitchell Bond Rx, K18. 


Extra product used: $15 per bowl



A customized permanent color formulated just for you, to either cover sparkles (gray hair) or maintain root color. 

Master Stylist: 90+

Senior Stylist: 90+

Stylist: 80+


One customized permanent or Demi permanent color formulated just for you, applied roots to ends. Great for those who are looking to go darker with your overall color, go darker with current blonding]

Master Stylist: 195+

Senior Stylist: 175+

Stylist: 165+

*Please note above services can increase due to length, density and amount of products used.


If your not looking for a tonal shift,  a top coat with a clear gloss is the perfect answer. It adds shine and locks in your color! We like to compare it to the top coat you get on your nails!

This is also great for those who don't receive color, but want to add some shine and moisture to their hair!




add iron finish 10

Master Stylist: 75

Senior Stylist: 65

Stylist: 60

Extra Long/Thick or Transformations Haircut Add on - 20


Master Stylist: 45

Senior Stylist: 37

Stylist: 32


Master Stylist: 20

Senior Stylist: 20

Stylist: 15




includes a relaxing and customized wash and smooth blowout with your choice of signature waves, curls or smoothing.

Master Stylist: 65

Senior Stylist: 60

Stylist: 60

Extension Haircut (proper blending of clip in extensions or Halo after install install by your stylist) - 65


Have an event? Going somewhere special, let us glam you up with an up style!




LIP       15



Softens and relaxes frizzy hair and damaged hair will look full of shine, healthy and manageable. If you have a curl it will relax it to more of a wave, getting rid of frizz. Perfect for the summer months!

We usually suggest 2 treatments a year!

Leave on for 24 hours (no sweating, or pinning hair back)

Lasts anywhere from 3-6 months depending on products used at home and how often you wash your hair

(haircut is not included)

350 (1hr 30min)

*may increase due to amount of hair / product used + time


at our shampoo lounge 

[At Citrine we believe health hair is happy hair! It allows your color to truly glow! Check out our signature Citrine treatment menu available at our color bar for more information!]


A molecular repair treatment with breakthrough technology that reverses damage in just 4 minutes! Healing hair from the inside out, caused by heat styling, lightening, color, environmental damage (sun) etc, your hair will do a 360 after experiencing this treatment. The results speak for themselves! Take Home Product available to prolong treatment as well! 



If you love to swim this treatment is for you. Say goodbye to those crunchy, tinted green/damaged hair from the pool and summer months! This add on treatment is great for all ages and brings back softness and shine. 



Like the skin on our face, our scalp needs exfoliation as well! This treatment begins with a brushing of the scalp to remove dead skin/product build up, followed by a invigorating shampoo, scalp scrub and moisturizing conditioner. 




Your stylist will choose based upon your hair needs what treatment will give you the results desired.

Amika The Kure

Amika Soul Food

Truss Miracle

Truss Net Mask




All color/blonding services listed starts with a base amount of 2oz of product, any product amount built upon this due to length, density, thickness or technique will add an extra bowl



For those who have received highlights/blonding, this will create a soft shadow at your base, allowing you to go longer in between appts, leaving you with a softer grow out. Add onto any signature blonding services.

Starting at 60


Utilized to erase previous foil lines, or drag a color more than 1-2" creating a rooty result.

Add this onto Citrine Babe Glow or Pick me up to darken root, or create a more lived in look.



Already lightened and wanting to try a color out, Add pink, blue or purple to your hair with this service!

This service does not include lightening.

165+ (based upon # of colors used/products used)


Pastel/Vivid or Blonding

per foil



Want Fuller, Thicker or Longer hair! We have options for you!

Allyson offers Hand Tied Extensions, a luxury extension service.

To learn more book a consultation!

For those looking for something with 0 maintenance, we offer 

Halo Couture Halo Extensions - in variable of lengths and colors, custom matched and ordered to fit you! Any Citrine babe stylist can assist you with this!

Email us to learn more or book a consultation with one of our team members!

frequently asked questions

  • What is lived in color?
    Lived in Color, is leaving or incorporating your natural tone into your current canvas, adding brightness or color that has no beginning or end, resulting in a seamless, low maintenance look. This is ideal for those who like that 'Rooty' look, or don't want to have to back into the salon for 8-12 weeks! This is a customized look to each canvas and can take sessions to achieve depending on the goal!
  • What is Balayage?
    Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It is a freehand hair coloring technique that results in a very blended, natural look with no harsh or obvious regrowth lines. If you do not like warm tones, balayage is not for you, there are other techniques that can be used to achieve the "balayage" look!
  • How do you price your services?
    At Citrine our menu is a la carte. We have bundled options, but our haircuts and blowdrys are seperate. We base color at a starting price, and due to length, density or technique/result desired the price can go up.
  • How far in advance do I have to book?
    In order to secure your ideal appointment day and time, we encourage you to prebook your appointments. We are by appointment only salon, so we can book anywhere from 2-3 weeks out at a time. Evenings and weekend appointments are most popular and those we advise to pre book your next 2-3 appts. Dates and times can be changed if necessary, must be 48 hours before appt time, if it is not, we reserve the right to charge your card on file 50% of the services you were booked for.
  • What products do you use?
    We utilize Amika, Paul Mitchell, Truss, Wella, and Fanola.
  • Do you use bond builders?
    Yes, I personally use Olapex or Brazilian Bond Builder
  • Why are products so important?
    Products are important to maintain the investment you have just made in your hair. If you spent $350 on your hair, $5 Pantene isn't going to prolong your color or add shine. In fact most drugstore products will do the complete opposite, silicones building up on your hair strands or stripping your glaze out! In order for me to fill the requests of, extra volume, shine, longer lasting color, frizz free, holding power (the list goes on) I must you professional products to achieve these. On average you wash, condition, blow-dry, wave or straighter your hair anywhere from 30-100 times before I see you again and that either supports or deteriorates the beautiful hair you just received in the salon. Your at home product regimen greatly dictates the longevity of your style. I recommend products based on my knowledge to better serve your hair needs and make your life easier at home.
  • Do I have to buy from the salon?
    When you purchase them from a stylist, that means you trust their recommendations and knowledge. If you chose to listen to the recommendations and purchase them elsewhere, We personally do not guarantee the hair color longevity or tone. With that being said, if you purchase them from a drugstore or Amazon, they can be expired or tampered with. This means they can be more aggressive on your hair, removing too many natural oils from your hair strands which leads to less manageability, a dry texture and frizz. On the flip side, cheap conditioners can leave a silicone film on your hair strand, weighing it down and building up on your hair, ultimately resulting in sometimes a tougher time lifting your hair or glazes not lasting their optimal time. If you don't shop in salon, or decide at a later date you do want to shop products, you can do so from at home while still supporting your hair home. Clink the Shop button and our links that we are affiliated will be shown!
  • Do you offer bridal services?
    Yes, please email to receive a copy of our bridal contract agreement.
  • Do you offer Extensions?
    Yes, Allyson offers Tape in Extensions and Hand Tied Extensions. If you would like to schedule a consultation where we can further discuss your goals, match your color and discuss appointment availability please contact via email or consultation form!

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