Updated: Mar 23, 2019

YEAH GIRL! here I am! Allyson in real time, kind of, if you don't know me, HEY girllll HEYYY!

I'm a hairdresser in New York + am 27 years old

A few fun facts about me?

dog momma of 3

band tees, wide brim hats and cute booties make my soul sing

I read a lot of self help/girl boss books

lover of mashed potatoes, a chilled glass or rose or a sour beer

im SUPER passionate about my job, creating bomb hair, meeting amazing humans, turning someones day around, OMG I could go on and on!

I also travel and share my knowledge on lived in color to other stylists + it is one of my fav things to do in my spare time!

My fiancé's name is Francesco, but he's known as Cheech or Bubs ;) He's one amazing man + im lucky AF to be his wife soon!

ok that enough about me, lets continue onto this whole blogging journey...

I have decided to start my blog (finally)! Ive been wanting to for awhile now, but honestly 'time' was the biggest thing holding me back! But here I am, making the damn time (like anything in life)! To be honest, I love to write, I journal every morning (gratitude lists are my ishhhh)! But to not get off topic im going to be using this blog for ALLLLL the things, hair, beauty, boss babe vibes, anything for my hairdresser friends, social media, hey my damn crockpot recipes! Honestly its just going to be a fun place where you can catch up on the trends, learn all my favorite thangs, and be in the know!

Im so glad your here AND if you haven't subscribed to my email list deff do! Stay tuned for my first blog post coming of BEAUTY FAVS! I had my amazing IG followers tell me their fav moisturizers, foundations + face mask, so I will be sharing lots of good stuff!


Allyson M

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